Privacy policy

We recognize safeguarding personal information is a critical social commitment of the firm, and all the employees including officers comply with legal regulations regarding personal information protection. We declare to establish a personal information protection management system complying with JISQ15001 and to be totally committed to continuous improvement of the personal information protection management system with consistent focus on changes on societal demand as a whole in order to realize following fundamental policies of the firm.

We recognize the importance of personal information protection as a site operation business that deals with customers’ important personal information, and we take appropriate measures within the purposes on condition that we preliminarily clarify the use purposes and any possibilities of disclosure and we obtain one’s agreement in terms of all the personal information that we collect including personal information of the firm’s employees.

We do not use personal information beyond achievement of the above specified use purpose. We establish company’s regulations to avoid any use for purposes other than the original intent, and we will strive to supervise employees to follow the company’s regulations.

We automatically receive customers’ cookie information, and information about used pages and usage environment from customers’ browser and analyze them for a service improvement purpose.

We manage collected personal information in an appropriate manner and never provide or disclose to any third parties which dose not have one’s agreement.

We occasionally send emails to customers with information that are considered to be beneficial to them about our service and any other service information. Customers may cancel or restart the service by requesting in a method set by us.

We comply with regulations regarding handling personal information protection, guidelines established by each supervisory authority based on personal information law, JISQ15001 and other regulations as a firm which treats important personal information.

We take rational safety measures, and corrective and preventive action against any risk of personal information leak, loss or breach to demonstrate secured personal information.

We continuously review and improve the personal information protection management system in order to appropriately use personal information and to fully enforce protection.

Please contact us as below if you have experienced a problem or have a complaint regarding personal information. We will respond promptly.

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Established on August 1, 2011